IGCSE Students can use FYJC Predicted Scores for Admission

IGCSE students in Maharashtra can use FYJC predicted scores for admission

Students will be allowed by education department to appear for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations — equivalent to Class 10 board examinations — so that students could secure provisional admissions to first-year junior colleges (FYJC) on their predicted scores. But it is still doubtful if the admissions will be cancelled at a later stage if the students’ actual scores are lower than the predicted ones.

Predicted scores are actually an estimated score of the students’ performance in the exam and are not accurate. So, the final scores seems to differ from the predicted grades.

Since the begining, FYJC online admission process has never accepted student's predicted marks and it is a requirement to submit only original scores and mark sheets while applying for fyjc online admission.

IGCSE exam in May-June, October-November is held by The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) . Students who appear in IGCSE exam for May would get their mark sheets in August, whereas admissions to Indian colleges start in June. Therefore, students were not allowed previously to apply in the FYJC online admission process the main reason for rejection was predicted scores was not allowed. Since two years ago, board had offered Indian students to appear in March exams so that their IGCSE results are announced by the month of June, that would be the right time to apply to colleges.

A government resolution issued on July 25, 2016 states that students appearing in the IGCSE exams in May can apply for FYJC online admissions on the basis of their predicted scores or provisional marks.

Suvarna Kharat, deputy secretary of education said, “IGCSE students must be given provisional admissions on their predicted scores till the time their actual results are declared.”

However, the doubt still remains as it is unclear if colleges can cancel admissions of students if their actual scores are lower than the predicted ones. This is causing confusion as even giving provisional admission on the basis of predicted scores seems unfair to the rest of the students. “Even if the admissions are cancelled later on, deserving candidates from other boards, might lose out their seats to others with higher predicted scores,” said an official of the education department.