Change College Preference in Every Round of FYJC Online Admission 2017

College Preferences can be changed at Every Round of FYJC Online Admission 2017

Pune: Students now would be able to change their college preference in every round of the first year junior college (Std XI) centralized admission process from academic year 2017-18. This year the state education department has vowed for changes in the fyjc admission process due to some mistakes in centralized admissions last year and keeping in mind the fact that the rounds for fyjc online admission stretched till almost October. The new rules for fyjc online admission would be applicable for Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik and Amravati region. Pune FYJC admission as well as Fyjc Admission Mumbai starts after the Maharashtra SSC Result 2017 are announced in the month of June.

As per education department, students passing in the Maharashtra 10th Result 2017, students will have to fill a form for only one faculty of their choice in the first phase of the form-filling exercise. Previously, students were allowed to choose multiple faculties including Arts, Commerce, Science and Minimum Competency Vocational Course (MCVC) but from now onwards they will be allowed to choose any one of these. Students would be able to change their choice of faculty in the second phase of the fyjc form-filling exercise.

The second rule that has changed is that students will be allowed to give only 10 colleges in their preference list, in previous years it was 50.

As per Deputy secretary of the state education department Suvarna Kharat, "Students would be able to change their preferences after each round. However, if they do not change their preferences, then those selected earlier would be considered for allotment. If a student gets admission to the first preferred college from the list, then s/he should pay the full fee and confirm the admission. If the student does not confirm the admission, his/her name would not be taken into account from the following rounds."

If a student gets an allotment to a preferred college other than his/her first preference, and if the student is happy with the allotment, s/he can pay up the full fee and confirm the admission. Once the admission is confirmed, the student would not be counted in the next subsequent rounds. If the student does not confirm the admission at this point, s/he would be eligible for the next round.

Kharat further said that junior colleges should fill the quota admission seats before the fyjc regular admission rounds begin. If any of the quota seats are not filled, the colleges must surrender them for the regular rounds of admission. Students taking admission under the quota seats and pay full fees would then be restricted from participating in the regular rounds.

Meenakshi Raut,, assistant director of education, Pune, said, "The announcement of the admission procedure has come well in time as compared to last year." She said that they will now begin with college registrations, preparation of booklets and distribution so as to be ready for the season and make sure that admissions would be smooth and on time this year.