SYJC Online Admission 2017 to start soon

SYJC Online Admission 2017 to start soon

MUMBAI: As the first-year junior college (FYJC) academic year is coming to an end, students and authorities are still waiting for instructions for the SYJC online admission process for second-year junior college. Students who were not happy with the FYJC colleges that were allotted now looks to change their colleges this year. Previous year, there was a discussion about making online the SYJC admissions process.

Education department will soon work for the online process in a few weeks. BB Chavan, deputy director of education, Mumbai said, "SYJC admissions will be done online soon. Students will get admission as per vacancy. After FYJC college registrations are over, the work to make online admissions for SYJC on the same website will be done. Colleges are not allowed to give any admissions at their own and if any admission is done by colleges on their own, it will be cancelled and the student needs to apply via the online process."

Many students want to change their colleges as they did not get a college close to their home during the FYJC online process. SYJC results are awaited by students to apply to other colleges. Students were allotted seats on approaching individual colleges till last year.

Less than 50% students continue at the colleges allotted to them in the fyjc online process. For SYJC admission 2017, students are rushing to different colleges. Vidyadhar Joshi, vice principal of Kelkar College, Mulund said, "As there are no instructions from the education department so we have put aup a notice which informs the students who wish to have admission in the second year colleges that it stands to be regulated and thus, they are not able to answer any queries from students right now, also asking students not to withdraw admissions till the picture gets clear."

Colleges are also in doubts on how to permit their in-house students to change their stream. Ashok Wadia, principal of Jai Hind College in Churchgate said, "FYJC admissions have been done online and if you change the stream now, it is certainly a new admission. So, our in-house admissions would not be completed if students need to change their streams. Students have been asked to wait for any more instructions from the education department.