FYJC Online Admission 2016 Change In-House Quota Conditions

FYJC Online Admission 2016 change in in-house quota conditions, low chances for ‘outside’ students

Starting this year, seats for open category students for first year junior college (FYJC) admissions is going to reduce greatly. Due to the ‘in-house’ quota admission to include junior colleges which are run by the same parent institution which may not be situated on the same campus as the high school itself, and with 20 per cent reserved seats for the quota— it means for students of the same institution graduating from high school to junior college— the number of seats is going to reduce extensively for outside students in open category.
"The in-house quota is broaden from this academic year, as per orders by the state government", said Meenakshi Raut, assistant director of education (Pune), also a member of the Centralised Admission Process (CAP) committee.

“Until last year, the in-house quota seats were meant only for those junior colleges that have a high school attached to it on the same campus or building. Students who pass Std X from a school could apply in junior college attached to it through the quota. But for fyjc online admissions in 2016, this is changed as even if a school and junior college are not located in the same building or on the same campus but are run by the same parent institution or society, the students can apply for them. Most of the junior colleges are approved for in-house quota via this provision, including top city colleges,” said Raut.

Colleges which now have newly approved in-house quota seats are Fergusson College, Abasaheb Garware College, Modern College, SP college and a few more.

Leela Mali-Joshi, vice-principal of Fergusson College and also a member of CAP committee, said “We did not have any in-house quota since we did not have a high school attached to the junior college on the same campus. But from this year onwards, we have an in-house quota. Since our junior college is run by the Deccan Education Society, so students who study in schools run by the same society, can now apply for admissions through in-house quota at our junior college. This means that even if a student is studying in Ahilydevi High School or New English School at Ramanbaug, they can apply for admissions here. More, they can even apply at any junior college run by the same society in Pune."

Although the Principals has given mixed reactions. Some said this is completely fair to students of the same institute, others said it would lead to more chaos. Shrikant Gupta, principal of Abasaheb Garware College said, “It’s not a good idea. By this in place, students will not only fill forms through CAP but apply for seats in multiple junior colleges attached to same institute. They would first of all confirm admissions with us and later on, switch to other places”.